Christi Dysart

When the youngest of her three sons started school, Christi Dysart realized that she was ready to stretch herself a little. Literally and figuratively.

Having earned a BFA in dance before she embarked upon her adventures in motherhood, Christi was searching for something that moved her…. body, mind, and spirit. She wanted to devote herself to creating more joy, more peace, and more love for the people and the world around her. She decided to deepen her yoga practice and pursue her 200 RYT Certification. Soon after, she began lulu ❁ yoga, and now teaches both private and public classes for those who want to deepen their knowledge of their own body, mind, and unique energy. 

In 2014, Christi was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her experience of treatment, surgery, and recovery, she utilized her yoga practices in a way she never had before. As a result, Christi is particularly interested in helping people who face health issues recover a sense of peace and joy and power within their own bodies.

Come center your Self!